RP Realty Partners, LLC provides short-term floating rate and fixed-rate debt for retail and mixed-use properties throughout the United States. Proceeds may be used for bridge financing, construction, lease-up and stabilization, re-development, turnaround situations, repurchase of existing debt, and discounted note acquisitions. Loans are typically LIBOR based, with terms of five years or less. Assets are held on RP Realty Partnersí balance sheet and serviced internally. We will also acquire B-pieces, purchase sub-performing and non-performing loans, and make mezzanine loans embedded in a senior loan which we either originate or acquire the B-piece, thus allowing clients the ability to "one-stop shop" when higher leverage is needed or timing requires a single-source solution.

Maturity: 5 years or less
Pricing: LIBOR + Spread; Structured as current pay, accrual or combination

Fixed rates considered
Upfront Fees: 1.0% - 2% for First Mortgage Loans; 1% - 3% for Mezzanine Loans
Exit Fees: Fees, if any, negotiated case by case depending on leverage and risk
Amortization: Interest only to fully amortizing
Lockout: Negotiable, typically 12 months
Recourse: Non-Recourse / Partial Recourse / Full Recourse

First Mortgage Loans
Amounts: $5 million to $50 million
Security: 1st Mortgage lien
Maximum LTC: 90%
B Notes: 15% - 30% of overall 1st Mortgage; Minimum Investment $5.0 million

Mezzanine Loans
Amounts: $5 million to $50 million
Security: Junior lien on underlying real estate and/or 100% pledge of ownership interests

Inter-creditor agreements typically required
Maximum LTC: 90%

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California Finance Lenders License - pending. California loans will be made pursuant to Department of Corporations California Finance Lenders License.